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Timothy Horsley
and Scott “Scotty” Huff have been performing music professionally, at all levels of the music industry, for more than two decades.  They met when Grammy Award winning country star Keith Urban sought each of them out for his touring band in 2001.  Since then, Timothy and Scotty have toured, performed, and recorded together non-stop.  Through these years, it was clear they had a two major things in common, a passion for music, and a shared philosophy for entertaining people.

There is a common thread that tends to run through all musicians, from the weekend amateur, to the celebrity recording artist, and that is the music is for them. The musician.  And for a recording artist or songwriter, it should be.  But when you’re providing music for a special event, it’s not about the musicians, it’s about the client and their guests.

Timothy Scott Entertainment (TSE) was built around the philosophy of providing the right music, at the right time.  The right music stems from a repertoire large enough to to deliver whatever is appropriate for the client and their guests.  The right time is knowing when to play a song, and when not to play a song.  This also pertains to the non-musical items like: proper attire, proper attitude, and attention to detail.

The product of that care and professionalism, are hand-picked ensembles of the music industries A-List musician, who also share the TSE philosophy.  This means bands that sound amazing, are fun and energetic, that care about your special event, and that will deliver the highest level music entertainment in the most professional manner.  Whether it’s our 8-piece Timothy Scott Band, or one of our TS Small Ensembles, you and your guests will wind up with a smile on your face and a song in your heart.

This isn’t just some wedding band… it’s Timothy Scott Entertainment.contact us