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4 Tips For Hiring Live Music

Hiring a band for an event is not a decision that should be taken lightly.  But all too often, that decision is made without all the pertinent information.  Here are a few things to keep in mind when choosing the right musical entertainment for your event:

  1. Know Your Event
    The type of event you’re planning is probably the first thing you should consider when hiring music, however, it’s not as critical as you may think.  If you are having a themed party, you want to make sure the band you hire can provide music that fits the theme.  If you’re planning a luau on the beach, they better be able to play a few Jimmy Buffett, Bob Marley and Jack Johnson tunes, be able to knock out a version of “The Limbo”, and even have ukelele at the ready.However, don’t get too stuck on a particular playlist.  A theme is fun, but can go too far.  Your guests will love the special music for the special atmosphere, but they will welcome some variety too.  Mixing in non-themed music, will allow the other music to stand out and be more special.
  2. Don’t Focus On Specific Songs
    Well, this is a similar topic to the previous one, but it does require its own section.  Remember, live music means real musicians.  It takes time for actual musicians to learn music, practice it to a proper degree of proficiency, and be prepared to perform it for your guests.   If you feel it is necessary to dictate the playlist for your event, you’re better off hiring a DJ.  They have an unlimited library of music.But if you want something special, that has the energy and class that only live music can bring, then you’ll need to be a little flexible when it comes to the specifics of the repertoire.  Of course, you probably don’t want Heavy Metal music performed at church social, so you do need to have some knowledge of the bands catalog.  But the best ensembles will have a large and diverse selection of music at their disposal.  You must trust whomever you hire to know when to play, and when not to play, certain songs.   And, most professionals will be happy to learn a few specific requests to be played at your event.
  3. Know Your Guests
    This is an area, believe it or not, that gets missed most often, especially with weddings.  New brides often focus on the musical taste of the 6 or 8 sorority sisters in her wedding party, and forget the other 150 people that are also attending… and bringing gifts!  It’s easy to overlook the variety of age groups and backgrounds of the people attending a wedding reception or corporate function.  Will the CEO enjoy the music as well as the new intern?  Will Uncle Joe be entertained along with your 19 year old cousin?  The musical tastes of most crowds, even as small as 20 people, can be more diverse than you may think.
  4. Know Who You’re Hiring
    This is important.  You may not be familiar with a band you are considering.  That’s why it’s important to get references, or at least have an in-depth conversation with them.  It’s common to hear a band at a local bar, have a great time listening to their music, and think, “I’ve got to hire this band for my event!”  Then when the day arrives, these scraggly musicians show up, after your guests arrive, haul their equipment through the crowd, start late, play too loud, invite themselves to the buffet, and to the bar, etc.  They may be a great band, put on a great show, and are perfect for a bar or a concert setting, but that doesn’t mean they are right for every scenario.It’s important to know the band you hire will arrive early enough to set up their equipment, make sure it’s working properly, and looks as presentable as possible.  You need to know the musicians will be dressed appropriately, conduct themselves in a professional manner, and be ready to perform without disrupting your affair, preferably before your guests arrive if possible.  And of course, they should perform their music according to what’s best for the environment.  That means song selection, as well as volume levels.

It’s important to keep these items in mind when considering live music for your affair.  We at Timothy Scott Entertainment pride ourselves on understanding these issues and making sure we surpass all expectations.  These tips should help you make a great decision.